Repossessions are a necessary service to assist lenders with the reclamation of property when a borrower fails to repay his/her debts. While it is an unfortunate scenario that would ideally never occur, it is one that many people have had to face.

With years of experience in towing and customer service, our operators have the experience and diplomacy to quietly resolve or deescalate any altercations that may arise during the course of a repossession. We guarantee your repossessions will be handled with the appropriate amount of professionalism and tact.

If you prefer to print and fill out a paper form, please click the link just below. You can fax the paper form to 513-251-7433.
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This is your authorization to act as our agent to collect or repossess on site all collateral which we assign to you which is covered by a defaulted contract. You are not to reassign if no longer in your service area without our prior written approval. We agree to indemnify and hold Tri State Auto Recovery Inc. harmless from and against any and all claims, including but not limited to court costs, reasonable attorney fees and other expenses of litigation including those arising from damage done to the collateral, except for unauthorized acts of your firm. This indemnification is granted as consideration for your acting as our agent. It is agreed that this contract is executed within your state and that the laws of your state shall be applicable. When there are two states involved, the laws of both states may be applicable.

I am assigning this claim for collection to Tri State Auto Recovery Inc. I am duly authorized by my company to make such an assignment. By typing my name in the box below and pressing the submit button, I am digitally signing this authorization.

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